"A proud moments of course for La militaire Academy - Thirty years and thousands helped in true to the army tradition the officers lived for and continue to do so even after retirement. The resolution to serve the country lives on till the last breath and thereon. The young minds need the necessary direction to channelise their energy and La militaire Academy has done a fair job and the dynamics of adapting rightly has been well followed"


AVSM, VSM (Retd.)

"La Militaire Academy has developed a name and I am proud to be associated with it yet I Congratulate the Academic and the Administrative team for its ground efforts to funnel the youth’s enormous potential to nation’s benefit. The coming together of the retired officers has brought right supervision and the tradition of reputation above materialism and as the academy spreads its wings I recommend the rich tradition remains well guarded ."

Brig. H.B. HANDE


"It is proud moment as the small plant has become a tree -Bravo to the students, and the team of guides - rich with the spirit of sincerity which enabled completion of thirty years and promises hopefully till eternity. Being the member of the founding team I certainly cherish the pride of recorded achievement of the Academy and state that the disciplined and consistent effort of the team was bound to pay. Many institutions have tried to emulate us yet for the bench mark they must also continuously update themselves as we do from the directives of the organisation and the rising standard of the competition a result of the multiplying population after all any half or misguided effort would cause irreparable damage to the generation next "



"La Militaire Academy - Has lived three Decades of Glory. It’s a big family which should live from one generation to the other generation - alive in the seeds of values sowed by its honest efforts , the academy needs to travel on in its journey and for sure the retired fraternity will join hands to spread in other cities so that more students across the nation can benefit the organised effort. I would like to congratulate the students for putting in their sweat as per the direction of the faculties under the supervision of the faculty captain Dr. Arun kumar Shukla, for that is the area of action. My best wishes to the next generation."



"Every good educational institute must enjoy good reputation as its wealth , so it is with La militaire Academy , the thirty years has helped them not only earn faith of the people but also an enviable record of assisting good many aspirants to their success as they serve as officers and soldiers presently in the Indian Army . I agree that the patronised activity has yielded great result as time to time the efforts modulated as per advice and strict norms to establish a great tradition has been the deep roots of the organisation. The academy has a flag now to protect in the future forever and my heartiest congratulations to the team on this milestone with of course the hope to achieve many more milestones."

G. Capt. R.K. Yadav


"La militaire team really deserves to be given standing ovation as the team regularly updated itself and sustained itself with results even in the most changing decades. My grey observations were very obediently executed and often my advices were absorbed and thereafter the innovations were made as per the need only and the students were the beneficiary and that matters most. The faculty under the supervision of faculty captain Dr Arun Shukla who also is a trained psychologist has done full justice to the post he held and bridged well the knowledge of the experienced to the needy."



"Old in age yet rich with experience and young in spirit, thirty years is just one milestone- Many will follow. I am Sure La Militaire academy will create a rich history which will not only help in nation building but also make them proud that they were a part of the chain that would continue on. I am aware that a successful institution requires sustained efforts and as a witness to the academy team’s effort."



"Started as colonel academy - Today popularly knows as La Militaire Academy we all team of advisors and patrons stick to our oath to guide with earnestness and pure spirit - for years to come. The students coming from different backgrounds and educational experiences need to be trained on discipline of thoughts and the SSB workshop giving personal attention to every candidate has been the source of right implementation and assisted candidate to their success. Systematic and organised classes with discipline as the core is behind the written success. La Militaire Academy is an institution of pride and hard earned repute may it continue forever - congratulations to our team and the student achievers."