Air Force  X, Y Group Exam Pattern

We have provided you the details of Exam pattern of the Airmen Group X & Y exam 

Name of the Group
Subject & No. of Questions
Total Marks
Exam Duration
Airmen Group X English:20 Questions
Mathematics:25 Questions
Physics: 25 Questions
70 marks 60 minutes
Airmen Group Y Reasoning & General Awareness:30Questions
English: 20 Questions
50 marks 45 minutes
Airmen Group X & Y Mathematics: 25 Questions
English:20 marks
Reasoning & General Awareness:30 Questions
Physics: 25 Questions
100 marks 85 minutes

Note: There will be negative marking. For each correct answer, a candidate will be given 1 mark while for each wrong answer 0.25 marks will be deducted.

Air Force X , Y Group Syllabus

Below we have provided you the details of the syllabus of Indian Air Force Group X and Y Trade.

Air Force X Group Syllabus

Indian Air Force Group X Syllabus consists of 3 sections i.e. English, Mathematics, and Physics. You can check the detailed topic wise syllabus in the article below.

Air Force X and Y Group Syllabus for English

Here is the detailed syllabus of the English paper of Airmen Group X & Y exam, which consists of the following topics:

Comprehension Section of English

It will include a passage which is followed by some questions from Grammar Section of English. It will include the following sub-topics:

  • Word Formation (nouns from verbs, adjectives, etc.)
  • Proposition
  • Determiners
  • Noun & Pronoun
  • Conjunction
  • Adverb
  • Modals
  • Clauses (noun, adverb & relative clauses)
  • Subject-verb concord
  • Verb formation and error in their use
  • Sentence transformation (simple, negative, compound, complex, etc.)

Vocabulary Section of English

This section will include the following topics:

  • One-word substitution
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Spelling errors
  • Idioms and phrases

Air Force X Group Math Syllabus

  • 3-Dimensional geometry
  • Application of derivatives
  • Application of integrals
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Cartesian system of rectangular coordinates
  • Circles and family of circles
  • Complex numbers
  • Conic sections
  • Definite and Indefinite integrals
  • Differential equations
  • Differentiation
  • Limit and continuity
  • Linear Equations
  • Linear programming
  • Mathematical induction
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • Quadratic equations
  • Sequence and series
  • Sets, relations, and functions
  • Statistics
  • Straight lines and family of lines
  • Trigonometric & Inverse Trigonometric functions
  • Vector

Air Force X Group Physics Syllabus

  • Laws of motion
  • Communication System
  • Trigonometric & Inverse Trigonometric functions
  • Sets, relations, and functions
  • Electronic devices
  • Optics
  • Sequence and series
  • Kinematics
  • Waves and Oscillations
  • Physical-world and measurement
  • The behaviour of perfect gases and the kinetic theory of gases
  • Atoms and Nuclei
  • Bulk matter properties
  • Magnetism and Magnetic effects of current
  • Radiation and Dual nature of matter
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Straight lines and family of lines
  • Vector
  • Work, Power, and Energy
  • Electromagnetic induction and Alternating current
  • Electrostatics & Current Electricity
  • The motion of a system of particles and rigid body
  • Thermodynamics
  • Gravitation
  • Statistics

Group Y Air Force Syllabus

Indian Air Force Group Y Syllabus consists of 2 sections i.e. Reasoning and General Awareness, and English. Aspirants need to thoroughly go through the General Awareness topics as it is a huge section. Check each section topic wise syllabus below.

Air Force Y Group Reasoning Syllabus

  • Distance and Direction
  • Number Simplification
  • Area of triangle, square and rectangle
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Analogy
  • Blood relations
  • Number Puzzle and coding
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Odd one out
  • Percentage
  • Inserting correct mathematical sign
  • Fractions
  • Probability
  • Mutual relation problem
  • Assigning artificial values to mathematical digit
  • Average
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Simple Trigonometry
  • Time, Speed and Distance
  • Dictionary words
  • Profit and loss
  • Number Series
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Youngest, tallest relation-based questions
  • Time sequence, Number and Ranking
  • Volume & Surface area of cone, cylinder, cuboid, and sphere

Air Force Group Y Syllabus for General Awareness

  • Current Affairs
  • General Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Basic Computer Operations
  • Civics