"One of the early pioneering leader - best in result ratio - Can we humbly say as we complete thirty years . We promised results and achieved results and will continue to do so after all , your success is our aim and our success too. Our guidance needs students effort and success is guaranteed as not words of melodrama but a reality . We work on the theory of Acclimatising to the environment of discipline, we learned in the training academy . We feel proud to have been guide to many aspirants and immensely thank them for putting their sweat on our behest , without which the results would have remained illusion forever . The spectacle that the weakest transformed to the smart has lived in our heart as inspiration and till date infuses energy in our heart as we humbly try to emulate the outstanding and glorious example of lord krishna who guided the great warrior Arjuna in the epic war - The Mahabharata. We are trying consistently with all the dedication to assist maximum students and wish god blesses us always in our endeavour."


Ex. Army Trainee, Psychologist

"La Militaire Academy's long record is not an advertisement stunt but industrious efforts advised by well experienced armed forces ' senior Officers and executed by the management and executive team coordinated by the Chief Executive and Faculty Captain Dr. Arun K. Shukla. The Academy has been behind many thousand selections mainly due to its tempered guidance which enhances the capabilities of the individual who aspires to adorn the uniform of the armed forces. Thirty years of successful completion recording great result speaks of sustained and committed efforts and it's an honour for me to be part of the team and be a contributor to nation building via training the young brigade - the tomorrow."



"La Militaire Academy has established it's trust by its consistent results and these thirty plus years are concrete evidence for the same, many students are now serving in senior posts and many are still clearing the selection process. Behind this continuity of result there has been an ever upgrading methodology coupled with one to one personal guidance and as a part of the advising team- we all promise to live up to the hard earned reputation in this disguised world of misguiding advertisement. La Militaire Academy is now a big banyan tree aspiring a long life. "



"Congratulations to the entire team for completing thirty years with an enviable record - after all aim must always be to be the true winner - the success followed and must continue god bless the team . Patronising and advising to the set of obedient , absorbent and innovative team is indeed a subject of pleasure and La Militaire Academy ‘s executive team has indeed brought pleasure to all of us and facilitated success to the defence aspirants - they deserve pages of praise which I summarise in few words - “ Well done and keep it up."



"La militaire Academy now stands out as a name of trust after the thirty years the academy has contributed to the youths desiring to join the armed forces as a dedicated finesse faculty targeting, maximum succeed and join to serve the nation in uniform . As a member of the board of patron of advisors I feel great honour that every year youth join the armed forces of which I was a part of for three decades - I feel my relationship is rejuvenated to life again and again every year. I congratulate the Faculty captain ,Dr. Arun kumar Shukla for his consistently and energetically pursued endeavour along with assuring implementation of every bit of advice to function so to succeed in strengthening the youths for tomorrow as well. Certainly the organisation needs to spread its wings so to assist more students from different areas of the nation as well"



"Thirty years of effort helped us to be what we proposed - " Few good men for the forces by the few old men the veterans. As per our para troopers belief - every man is an emperor - all one needs is to learn from the right guide - god bless the students and the Faculty team of the La militaire Academy so that the students keep recording success and the faculty enjoys the pride and honour the students success brings . I wish and bless the new generation success unlimited and in uniform they record more success in their endeavours and bring glory to the nation . "



"Thirty years is just a number game as it is still young and many more years to go. The spirit of armed forces must forever remain alive and La militaire Academy is an extension and assisting organisation of the retired officers & trainee to enable the aspirants to their dreams as they begin their journey of career and life. We in the armed forces learned that life is a chain of duties for the responsible and never ends till the heart beats , so is the academy an endeavour of the retired to assist the new aspirants - the baron must be passed on . Undoubtedly it's a team effort yet the effort of the on ground executors - the everyday faculty, the research and the administrative team headed by the faculty captain, Dr. Arun kumar Shukla deserves a pat on the back not as a final ovation but the encouraging nudge to carry on and on.""



"Our dream was to inspire , the guidance followed later and as a pioneer in Uttar Pradesh the main Recruiting ground - we scored thirty years more to serve Nation till the very last after giving services in uniform . I feel proud too for being part of the organisation as the good ideals is well promoted and success stories of many has been facilitated . The La militaire Academy is now a family that would only multiply as the years pass by and must follow its rich tradition of personally assist , set examples and acclimatise in advance the future officers and soldiers. "



"After 30 years of service to country we feel proud to have served thirty more years by assisting aspirants for Defence Services & Nation. La militaire Academy has functioned well to assist good number of youths in achieving their career goal and certainly plans to continue in the years ahead with better organizing and the new chapter of digitalization."


PVSM, AVSM (Retd.)