MNS Exam Syllabus

MNS Written Exam is an objective type of examination conducted in March/April every year, at certain selected centers. Successful candidates called for an interview at selected centers in the month of May/ June each year. Merit listed candidates based on the interview and medical fitness undergo BSc nursing training and granted Permanent and Short Service Commission at a ratio of 60:40 based on their merit.

Check out the MNS  subject-wise topics for the Indian Army MNS Exam:

General English
General Knowledge
General Intelligence
Noun The living World Properties of Matter Atomic Structure Countries Capital Coding & Decoding
Vocabulary Techniques Biological Classification Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Chemical Bonding Countries Currency Analogy & Classification
Synonyms Plant Kingdom Laws of Motion & Work, Energy, and Power Oxidation & Reduction Airports Alphabetical Series /Number Series/ Missing Number
Pronoun Animal Kingdom Semiconductor Devices and their Applications Acids, Bases & Salt Parliaments of World Order & Ranking
Fill In The Blanks Morphology of plants Current Electricity Periodic Table Rivers & ports Direction & Distance
Spelling Test Anatomy of plants Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current Solution National Parks Clock
Verb Cell-The unit of life Nuclear Physics Bio-molecules Inventions & Inventors Calendar
Adjective  Cell cycle & cell division Dual Nature of Radiation and Atomic Physics Chemistry in everyday life Important Days Decision Making
Jumbled Sentences  Transport in plants  Optics Properties of Gases List of Firsts in India Statement & Assumption
Degrees  Mineral nutrition  Electrostatics  Radioactivity Indian Army Cubes & Dice
Preposition  Photosynthesis Since 2021, Numerical Based questions are also asked in MNS Examination-  Miscellaneous Indian Navy Blood Relation
Conjunction Respiration in plants Indian Air force Non-verbal / Mirror Image/ Embedded Figure
Antonym Digestion & Absorption Dances of India
Tense And Sentence Formation Breathing & Exchange of gases Nuclear Power & Atomic Power Plants
Passive Voice Body fluids & circulation Monuments of World
Causative Verbs Excretion Cabinet Minister
Participles Skeleton System Constitution of India
One Word Substitution Nervous System Important Books
Cloze Test Chemical co-ordination & integration Important Borders
Conditional Sentences Reproduction in Organism Superlatives of India
Finite And Non Finite Verbs Human Reproduction Dams of India
Syntax Reproductive health S. I. Units of Quantity
Idioms And Phrases Principles of inheritance variation Schedules of Const
Sentence Improvement Exercise Molecular bases of inheritance Sources of Const
Modal Verbs Evolution Terms Associated to Constitution
Interjections Human Health & Diseases Indian Battles Sports
Articles Biotechnology Superlatives of World
Direct And Indirect Speech Microbes in Human Census 2011
Ecosystem No. of Player & Sports
Miscellaneous Missiles
Important Cups
Organizations & HQ
Scientific Instruments&Miscellaneous
Since 2021, History is also asked.