Reviews of All Latest Officers Selection (Updated)-2023


S/o Rakesh Kumar (SI - UPP)

G-47 Tatya Tope Nagar
Udyog Nagar,
Recommended For
(CDS-II 2022 (IMA)

La Militaire Academy was recommended by my teachers , however when I walked in I felt the academy had an old structure and I was wondering whether they are updated or not . After few classes I started enjoying the lessons as the method was very detailed yet made simple to understand every point . The experience of years was very very helpful as I was able to understand not only the process but also how I must trust on my ability , my strengths was clear to me and so were my weak points and then I used the workshop classes to reduce my weakness to bare minimum and enjoy being me . My confidence level reached a new high and I went step by step by to record my success and finally this February I got recommended and now I await my merit list and joining instruction . I certainly feel indebted that la militaire academy and faculty captain Arun sir helped me to clear all doubts that I realise was very detailed and helpful in keeping my mind crystal clear while performing in the SSB activities .

Raghav Mishra

S/o Mr. Pankaj Kumar Mishra (Sir) & Mrs.Tripti Mishra (Madam)
St. Thomas ( 10th Class) & Soney Lal Patel School (12 th Class)
Recommended For

La Militaire Academy was well known to my parents both of whom are senior teachers in prominent schools of the city , their many students had got selected , so it was natural that I take the help , yes I was aware of many you tube channels and many of my friends went to well publicised academies but I remained and I was pleasantly surprised that the faculty captain sir took great care and gave full attention to help me multiply my confidence by proper practise , the personal attention in making me understand of who I was and who I can be was great and thereafter I was very confident that I will be able to clear my SSB as smoothly as my written . I learned that I need to be truthful and confident of myself along with expressing my capability in thinking logically and expressing timely . Finally I got through and joined NDA -my dream career . I thank the La Militaire family .

Riddhant Singh Chandel

S/o Brig. Anil Singh Chandel & Smt. Seema Chandel
School Army Public School
Recommended For
CDS-OTA (ARMY) Feb. 2022
CDS-IMA (ARMY) Mar. 2022

La Militaire Academy to me is a family , it was natural for me to follow the foot steps of my brother Vishruth as he too had got selected many years before and regularly many were getting selected every year, my grand father who is a patron was spectator to the same . What I liked best that teaching is done in a happy mode and simplified in such a way that it not only impresses the mind but becomes a life long lesson - I feel example methodology is the best and faculty captain - experience and convincing way is phenomenal- one has to experience it to believe it .Thanks for adding me in the family roll.

Rahul Singh

S/o Abhay Singh & Neelam Singh
School K.V. No. -1 Kanpur
Recommended For
Jan. 2020

La militaire academy has helped me to get selected and recommended in NDA ( border line in merit ) but unfortunately missing out on my joining instruction was a blunder that delayed few years as it was last attempt of NDA and finally through CDS I walked in back and refreshing myself again was helpful as I this time was able to score well in merit in the first fifty. The academy really supports like a family for I had issue in procedural delay related to medical examination and they went all out to help that I got justice in time and join the academy . I too feel that the La militaire academy is a family and I enjoy the great fraternal support from the alumnus and the faculty captain sir - I feel strong gratitude for all the support tendered to me & I am sure that the la militaire family will keep growing as the success formula is in the environment there.

Vimmi Kishore

S/o Shri Vimal Kishore
School Army School, Kanpur
Recommended For
AMC SSC Sep. 2020

La militaire Academy is very well known to have guided many in both written and interview so when I was face to my interview I approached to get clarity of expectations and what would be appropriate . I liked the experience - where I was well decoded by the faculty captain - wonderfully helped me identify my strength to multiply on my confidence , of course counselling class helped me to identify the small weakness which on identification I easily worked upon it to walk in the interview full with confidence and get selected as the counted few among many who appeared.

Manas Shukla

S/o Vineet Kr. Shukla
South City Public School, Kanpur
Recommended For
NDA Jan. 2020

During the written preparation only I realised that the education is fun , particularly when taught in a lighter and explanatory note . After the written exam I was confident of my success and I immediately started on my personality enhancement via SSB workshop classes , which helped me to polish my speaking skills and widened my thinking horizon . When the SSB call came I was confident as the detailed exercise had made me stand out of the crowd and then the faculty captain Arun sir helped me personally in identifying my zone of overconfidence to correct me timely . I remember he said that “ when you are capable you don’t have to hard sell yourself “. I went for my interview with feet on the ground and I was happy that I got recommended and joined NDA in my very first chance for this entry . I wish many more students get success and I am confident they will at La Militaire Academy.

Abhimanyu More

S/o Col. Ashok More
2 UP CTR NCC Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Recommended For
1st OTA NCC Entry 14 SSB Allahabad,
2nd OTA NCC Entry 17 SSB Bangalore

“ My experience was excellent with La Militaire Academy as the mind session helped me figure out why I had lost on my attempt earlier before I connected with la militaire academy . The personalised sessions were great to spark me back to my full potential. I feel that was the turning point as the out of the box methodology helped me wash away the wrong paints I had picked in the previous attempt . I realised that I needed to be me , my flow of ideas were well encouraged and instead of unnecessary criticism I was explained why others misread me . I enjoyed the practice session and cognitive exercises which I took as home work and idea exchanges with the well experienced faculty captain Arun sir was thought provoking . I like the supervising yet sit back training style of La Militaire which allows the candidate to blossom to one’s full. I would recommend the misguided to walk in to clarify all doubts forever with the La Militaire Academy.

Kunal Sirohi

S/o Rupender Signh Sirohai & Renu Sirohi
Recommended For
CDS NAVY & AFCAT 33 SSB Bohpal Air. 30

“ I was pretty frustrated after giving SSB for ten times and having taken guidance from n number of places when I connected with Lt. Col. Manoj Sinha sir ( prominent social media personality ) who directed me to Arun sir Faculty Captain of La Militaire Academy and I guess that was the changing moment , I was in final year of B tech at IIT Chandigarh and as luck would have it the CORONA hit . I connected with him via the Google meet and I realised how grossly wrong I was , I was a keen listener and digested every bit of learning I could and few months later I struck gold by clearing my SSB my first success for CDS Navy and then I was recommended twice more NAVY FLYING and AFCAT . I am very grateful to the eye opening teaching and as I join the training I wish others success and recommend them La Militaire Academy owing to my success story.

Shakti Panchal

S/o Anil Panchal
Final Year Student IIT Guwahati
Recommended For
Tech. Grad. Entry 2019-20

“ La Militaire Academy to me was a short and rich experience , I was student at IIT Gauhati and I wanted to be part of the Indian Air Force , so had applied and got in touch with Lt col Praveen who was pursuing from the same institution. He referred me to Dr. Arun K. Shukla - who is the psychologist and faculty captain at La Militaire Academy . My candid sessions with him was a great eye opener and I realised how I need to be myself at the SSB centre during all evaluation test , I was shocked that the maximum material available in the internet were highly misleading except few . I was well guided to absorb learning and reflect myself sensibly , appropriately and truly . The value of team spirit was well educated and helped me clear my own thoughts to put them precisely and concisely in words . This helped me enormously in keeping fear of performance out of my mind and celebrate my self confidence in the right proportion to get recommended . Of course my gratitude remains that I gained all answers to clear my doubt and success thereafter .

Aman Singh Yadav

S/o Lalman Singh Yadav
School K.V. No. No. 2 School Kanpur
Recommended For

La militaire Academy was referred by many of my seniors of school ( who are presently serving in the Indian armed forces ) and teachers who truly liked me. So I landed up at the academy and started preparing , soon I was studying and I realised that the classes were not formal as expected but alike workshops were exchanges of thoughts was the basis of teaching , I soon felt comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed my learning sessions as it was enriching for my mind , I was told to equate my learnings with day to day incidents and that helped me to open my mind and multiply my confidence on self more than on any other . Arun sir is a very comforting psychologist who loves to encourage with educational examples , he helped me believe more strongly on my strengths and work to dilute my weak points to insignificant level . I am thankful to both Dr. Arun sir and La Militaire Academy for helping me join the Indian Navy .

Avnish ku. Pandey

S/o Manoj Pandey
School-K.V. No. 3, Kanpur
Recommended For

La Militaire Academy was a blessing for me as it helped me open my mind to the outer world - which is quite different from the school environment that we live in . I am highly indebted to Arun sir ( faculty captain at la militaire academy ) along with others to have covered topics in detail which trained my mind to handling situations on an everyday basis . Yes I was responsible and dutiful but unaware that I had immense ability to manage all with just a disciplined thought . The classes and lessons helped me identify solutions and self confidence to ably perform . I and ashish both got recommended thereafter and it was a great feeling because we belonged to humble background and many who had come there appeared much capable to compete with , however we did not get big down and proved ourselves to get selected . I personally liked the workshop sessions of Arun sir and the practise to multiply our speed of writing thoughts and area of thinking . My learning experience was great and I find it simple to understand and successful.

Raghav Tripathi

S/o Shri Sanjay Tripathi
School Sheiling House
Recommended For
TES-44 ARMY OTA, GAYA 10+2 Technical Air-15

La Militaire Academy was referred to me by my teacher Siddharth sir at Sheiling house and my uncle serving in the Air Force ( wing Cdr Anand ) . I had inspiring example of many seniors of my school ( Sheiling house ) Arjun Pandey , Mohd Azam Khan , Anuj saksena etc so walking in with trust was easy for me . I had cleared criteria for 10+ 2 TES entry and my sessions with Arun sir ( Dr Arun K. Shukla ) began - right from tips to improve on ( my communication skills , my clear cut answers for interview - ways to express my ability in all test - multiply self confidence - knowledge and awareness - enjoy being self both as individual & team member ) doubt clearing sessions and thereafter consolidate by self practise , I gained a true insight which I found very useful while performing in the SSB centre . The result was positive in the very first time and I can only thank god for adding my result and me to the La Militaire family . I heartily endorse that the comfortable and simplified method of teaching is vey easy to absorb and implement - Thanks to Arun sir & La Militaire Academy